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Unknown reward

I got this from a chest, but i have no clue whats it is. Could anyone tell me ?
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Unable to retrieve parts

C.A.T.S automatically put some of my parts in gang challenge .. now i can not use the parts anymore.. tried to reinstall the game & leaving the gang.. didn't work..
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I happen to contribute to this page a long time ago, didn't have time.

So, recently, just 1 month ago, I happen to help a little bit in this wiki. I went away from it for a while, just because I don't think it's not good for me. Now I'm seeing what you new C.A.T.S. contributors can do.

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Sup, Guys....

So.... guys, this seem a new wiki or else but, whatever it does, it need some updates?
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Do You Still Not Have Admin?

I think the owner is gone.
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Quick Fights and Winning Streaks

I feel like the Winning Streak page should be folded into the Quick Fights page, since it's based on and relies on Quick Fights to exist. The page Winning Streaks can redirect to Quick Fights#Winning Streaks.

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