Supply Boxes provides you with all the necessary items to rebuild and upgrade your vehicle, including Spare Parts, Gold and Gems.

Supply Boxes Available Edit

There are currently seven boxes available in the game:

Box Name Picture Contains Obtained From
Regular Box
Regular box
4 parts/3 parts, Coins Quick Fights, League Ending
Super Box
Super box
8 parts Quick Fights, Stage Completion, League Ending
Legendary Box
Legendary box-0
8 parts, Gems, Coins League Promotion, Stage Completion, League Ending
Uncle Tony's Special Delivery
Uncle Tony's Special Delivery
1 part,

Tier and Stars are guaranteed based on your championship Stage

Gift that appears after finishing opening

some boxes, watch an ad to open

Giant Box
Giant box
24 parts
At least 2 Super Parts
Purchase and All-Stars Event
Super Giant Box
Super Giant box
24 Super Parts
At least 2 Legendary Parts
Purchase and All-Stars Event
Super Body Box
Super Body box
6 Super Bodies
At least 1 Legendary Body
Purchase only
Super Part Box
Super Part box
6 Super Parts
At least 1 Legendary Part
Purchase only

You have only 4 slots to store the unlocked Boxes from Quick Fights. Each of these Boxes require a certain amount of time to open. When all slots are full, you won't get a new Box by winning a Quick Fight until you free one of the slots.

Unlock Time Edit

For the boxes obtained through Quick Fights you must wait a certain amount of time before they are unlock and you can gain the parts inside. You can spend Gems to immediately unlock the boxes, or watch 30 second ads to remove 30 minutes off the timer. The amount of gems needed to unlock a box is dependent on how much time is left on it's timer. You are only able to watch a certain number of ads a day.

  • Regular Boxes take 2 hours to unlock. Between 1-10 gems to unlock. (10 - 12 minutes/Gem)
  • Super Boxes take 6 hours to unlock. Between 1-30 gems to unlock. (10 - 12 minutes/Gem)



The suitcase that Sponsor Supplies arrive in

Occasionally, you will obtain supplies from you sponsor. This will be the suitcase next to the Bets Cat. They appear twice a day (every 6-12 hours depending on when you first opened one) and contain 7 items, one of which is always a toolbox. There may be a super part as well. They may also contain gold and gems inside, generally varying from 2-7 gems a box.