Weapons can be attached to your chassis and are used to damage your opponent in battle. There are 9 different weapon types in the game, split between melee and ranged. As with other spare parts, weapons have a tier, a number of stars (1 to 5), and a level.  The maximum level is based on the number of stars in that particular tier:

  • 1 star is max lvl 6
  • 2 stars is max lvl 11
  • 3 stars is max lvl 16
  • 4 stars is max lvl 21
  • 5 stars is max lvl 26


  1. Attack - The damage number in-game is in terms of Damage Per Second, or DPS. For example, a laser with 400 Damage actually does 1000 damage per shot, due to its slow reload time of 2.5 seconds. (400 * 2.5 = 1000).
  2. Power - The power number shows how much power the weapon takes to equip on a chassis. The chassis must have enough spare power to be able to equip the weapon. For example, you cannot equip a 8 power weapon on a chassis that can only hold 6 power.


Melee weapons deal damage only upon touching chassis or wheels., aka perfect for CQB (Close Quarters Combat). There are currently 4 types of melee weapons as shown below:

Blade Chainsaw Stinger Drill
Weapon Blade
Weapon Chainsaw
Weapon Stinger
Weapon Drill

The shortest reach weapon is the chainsaw, dealing the highest damage of the 3 stationary drills.

The medium reach weapons are the drill and blade. The drill is very similar to the chainsaw, sacrificing some damage for range. The blade spins on its' knob and will continue to hit your opponent even if you might flip or one of you goes on top of / below the other

The stinger is the longest reaching melee weapon, and like the drill, it gives up some damage for range.


Ranged weapons deal damage when their projectiles hit chassis (perfect when at the start). There are currently 5 types of ranged weapons as shown below:

- - - -
Double rocket
- - - -

Laser is unlocked upon reaching Stage 5 and fires about once every 2.5 seconds. It's slow to reload compared to other weapons, but makes up for it in raw damage. Damage shown in inventory is "per second" so that each laser shot gives 2.5 of shown damage. The beam reaches instant across the arena and lasts between 0.5 and 1.0 second - having the effect that only a "full" beam contact delivers full damage. It is not strategic if your opponent is stronger than you because the Laser has a mediocre charge before firing the laser, giving the opponent the higher success rate. Use fast fire weapons instead, like rocket or minigun.Rocket is given to you as a starter weapon and fires once every (1) second.

Double Rocket is unlocked upon reaching Stage 20 and, like the rocket, fires once every (1) second, but both forward and backwards. Damage per second is not halved as a result of firing two rockets. This can be useful if you use a forklift to push your enemy behind you, or you simply flip yourself.

Minigun is ranged weapon that takes a few seconds to get started dealing only a few shots, but revs up and fires quickly doing heavy damage. The first shot reaches the other car always before a rocket does. The bullets are very small and thus more sensitive to any car movement unlike "thick" rockets. A common strategy is to either use a high health build to tank for the maximum damage or to avoid the enemy's shots using a forklift or lifter. The listed damage per second is considered in 3 shots, so each shot does 1/3 of the listed damage per second. This means that effectively toolbox damage is applied 3 times the original number per shot. Available with Prestige 1.

Shotgun fires a spray of 7 bullets and launches itself backwards. It fires once every second, knocking opponents' cars backwards and giving own car a recoil. Range of shotgun is approximately half the arena - if both opponents don't move by wheel, none will reach the other by shotgun (at least after first recoil). The shockwave can be used to keep melee weapons on distance to own car or to avoid being jumped over due to boosters. Available with Prestige 2.